Robert Lowe

In association with Determinant Seed


Hangover Hill Studio


A progressive and sound-scape concept musical

Calvin Glen as Professor Billington
Chris Straits as Flame/Sky
Richie Foxx as Stranger
Chantelle as Persistence
Steven Speck as Solitaire
Ben Lacy as Symphony
Julie Lowe as Cockney Jules
Kevin Farwell as Kevin Farr-Away
Matt Back as Man in cafe/Mr and Mrs Drawl/The Presenter
Robert Lowe as Eclipse


Freak Show        

Chapter 1 – Seeds
Vocal - Calvin Glen
Chapter 2 – Specimens
Vocal - Calvin Glen
Lead guitar - Chris Straits
Chapter 3 – What am I
Vocal - Calvin Glen
Lead guitar - Chris Straits
Chapter 4 – Wilderness
Vocal - Robert Lowe
Piano – Matt Black
Chapter 5 - Flame
Vocal - Chris Straits
Chapter 6 Symphony
Vocal - Ben Lacy
Lead guitar - Chris Straits
Chapter 7 Sky
Vocal - Chris Straits
Chapter 8 – Stranger
Vocal – Richie Foxx
Chapter 9 - Solitaire
Lead guitar – Steven Speck
Chapter 10 – Eclipse
Vocal - Robert Lowe
Chapter 11- Sacrifices
Vocal - Chantelle
Guitar - Chris Straits
Chapter 12- Home
Vocal - Calvin Glen
Piano - Matt Black
Chapter 13- Pride
Vocal - Robert Lowe
Chapter 14 Freak show
Vocal & Lead guitar - Chris Straits
Freaks chorus Chris Straits and Richie Foxx

Written, Produced and Directed by Robert Lowe
Co - Produced by Matt Black
All programming and music played by Robert Lowe except where stated.

Artist coaching by Matt Black

‘Freak Show’ freaks chorus orchestrated by Chris Straits

Cockney Jules narration written by Robert Lowe, Julie Lowe, directed by Matt Black.
Kevin Farr-Away narration written by Robert Lowe, Kevin Farwell, Matt Black, directed by Matt Black.
Matt Black narratives written by Robert Lowe, Matt Black, directed by Matt Black.

Artwork and design by Robert Lowe
Freak cartoon by Owen Cox

Creative consultation acknowledgement to Ryan Pryo Biggs for the music of ‘Specimens’
©Robert Lowe2019

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