Determinant Seed

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Determinant - (noun) A factor which decisively affects the nature or outcome.

Seed - (noun) The unit of reproduction, capable of developing into another.

Between 2012 and 2018 I Robert Lowe, had written and released a run of very well received albums.

After the release of Time Traveller in 2018 and some subsequent spin offs from it, I decided I needed to take a creative break to avoid the risk of repeating myself.

However, my creative juices are not something I can easily turn off and felt I still needed to write. During that 2012 to 2018 period, I met a lot of highly original and very talented musicians. As I considered which direction I need to go musically, I realized during the process of making those albums, I had increasingly and consciously written parts specifically for the session players I was working with.

In subsequent travels I naturally came across other musicians, so I formulated a plan which would allow me to continue writing but which moved me away from my usual writing processes. This plan became Determinant Seed.

Determinant Seed projects are the result of my being inspired by and/or writing for other musicians.

Going forward, I will still be creating Robert Lowe style projects as well as releases under the name of Determinant Seed which will feature predominantly other artists, many of who I am yet to meet.


Freak Show

Freak Show

The writing process of “Freak Show –The Musical” utilized all sides of my creativity.
I had written in my usual progressive way and as the story developed in my head, I found myself meeting new people and writing with them in mind too. Fortunately for me, most of them ended up on the album.
Matt Black at Hangover Hill Studio bought into my ideas from day one which made the recording and production process very straight forward and enjoyable.
I am very proud of the fact I ended up with some songs that have no recognizable genre.
By the end of the project I found I had actually collaborated with myself, if that is humanly possible!


No More Time

Featuring Calvin Billington-Glen.

Written and produced by Robert Lowe and Matt Black.

I had written a set of lyrics which came out after a couple of highly emotional life experiences. None of the music I wrote up to this time was a good fit for them, so I put them to one side thinking that it may just have been an emotional requirement that I write these words down and that was all it was. I told myself if ever I met the right singer, maybe I’d try and make something out of them. I came across Calvin Billington-Glen by chance at an open mic night in Bournemouth, UK. In among the familiar singers of varying skill levels, this 17 year old stood up and belted out a musical theatre piece to a resounding ovation from the unsuspecting audience.

It was a beautiful moment, I had to speak to Calvin.

I asked him if I was able to write a song in that style, would he sing it for me. He agreed and the moment he did, it hit me that he was the man to deliver those lyrics. In less than an hour at the keys I had the basis of a song. I made a rough demo on the piano and took it into Hangover Hill Studio where I had recorded the bulk of my recent work. I explained my vision to Calvin of what might happen to the song once I started putting the rest of the instruments on it and he sang to my sparse demo, at that time I still didn’t really know how it would pan out.

I began working on orchestration with co-producer Matt Black who quickly acknowledged the complicated timing I had built in, so he had to devise a way to firstly decipher it, then how to play to it.

Using numbers and markers, piece by piece Matt built the orchestral parts and by the end, nothing I had played on the original demo was left.

I later added some percussion but overall Matt Black played the entire orchestra, under my direction, a 50/50 collaboration.

It is credit to Calvin’s skill that he had grasped the initial vision and delivered a vocal performance powerful enough to contain the orchestra that now lay beneath. ‘No More Time’ is available on all leading download and streaming sites under the name of Determinant Seed.



Featuring Ethereal and Robert Lowe

Written by Robert Lowe

Co-Produced by Robert Lowe and Matt Black.

I came across Ethereal at a musicians networking event in Bournemouth, UK. I immediately picked up on the originality of not only her voice but as an artist generally.

Some weeks later I saw a live feed on social media of Ethereal at a recording session in Hangover Hill Studio and picked up on something vocally that struck a chord with me, so I got in touch about working together on one of my creations.

As I built the track up from a number of ideas I has been working on, it developed into a complicated mix of dub, reggae, 90’s electronic, pop and my progressive roots.

Leading up to the session I found by chance Ethereal also played violin, so as there was scope on the track for instrumental work, I suggested we utilise violin.

I wrote a set of lyrics based on what I knew of Ethereal and her story at that time.

“Rainbows” tells how we all are the colours in our own unique rainbows.

I could never have predicted what actually happened in the studio.

Without any apparent preparation, Ethereal laid down a one take vocal, followed immediately by a one take violin part. It was pure genius.

Co-producer Matt Black and I were left in awe because recording all the parts I had planned for Ethereal in this session had taken less the 10 minutes and without any input or guidance from me. We witnessed what in essence was one off, spontaneous live performance, which fortunately we captured on record.

What you hear on the single is how Ethereal played it, one time and one time only. “Rainbows” is available on all leading download and streaming sites under the name of Determinant Seed.

I later I found myself behind the camera on location, where I filmed a video which she later used for one of her own singles.



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